About Us

Aloha nui loa and welcome to Light of Aloha. We are Tor & Mishi Clauberg…a couple living on the Big Island of Hawaii sharing the spirit of Aloha and our journey into the ever expanding universe within and around us.

We began our journey together in 2002 and by the end of the year we knew our lives had merged together for more than just love. Our relationship began with one of those cheesy stories of love at first sight but quickly became an intertwined journey into the depths of consciousness before we had a chance to catch our breath.

During one of our late night, deep conversations about the universe, one of us asked the other “Who Am I? Do you ever really stop and wonder, why am I me…out of all seven billion people in the world? How do I am know I am me?” Those three simple words, Who Am I…literally stopped the world spinning and connected our hearts into a synchronistic beat that would forever change who we were and the path we were on. It was as if our souls had contracted this vibrational frequency in the form of three simple words that would remind and ignite a light that secretly we always knew was there.

From that point on, we have been on a whirlwind journey together, remembering, inspiring, creating the most amazing paradigm with each other and the universe. What started as two individual sparks finding each other, quickly became a third supercharged supernova lighting a path into an entirely new world. The journey has been amazing, challenging, exhilarating and through it all our hearts have consistently beat as one.

In 2011 we created a heart centered and conscious focused organization called Light of Aloha, to share our journey with the world. We were gifted the kuleana (responsibility) of leading journeys on the Hawaiian Islands to help people reconnect with their inner self, the universal energy that runs through everything and all of us, as well as the aina (land) that we share a symbiotic relationship with.

We have always shared in a very intimate, one on one experience and while we love that personal connection, we were guided the beginning of this year to begin sharing in a more global, online and time free space. We activated Life of Aloha as an extension of Light of Aloha to begin conversation and affirmation of the new paradigm we are all creating together in one timeline or another.

Mahalo nui loa (thank you so much) for joining us in whatever way your spirit is called and perhaps one day we will share space and time and hopefully a big hug! From the depths of our hearts where the light sources, we wish you freedom to SEE exactly who your heart and sol came here to BE.

Aloha~ Mishi & Tor